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QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged ≥18 Years Who Received Care at Home from a Friend or Family Member During the Past 12 Months, by Age Group — National Health Interview Survey

During 2021, 11.9% of adults aged ≥18 years received care at home from a friend or family member during the past 12 months. The percentage of adults who received care during the past 12 months was similar among adults aged 18–44 years (9.8%) and 45–64 years (10.5%), then increased with age to 13.8% among those Read More >

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Ask the Expert: Dr. Julia Holmes, Health, United States

Dr. Julia Holmes

Since 1975, Health, United States has presented national trends on the health of the Nation, including infant mortality, life expectancy, morbidity and health status, risk factors such as smoking and obesity, utilization of health care, health insurance coverage, supply of health care resources, and national expenditures for health. Compiled annually by the National Center for Read More >

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New Interactive Report

interactive health united states

Interactive Health, United States, 2011, In Brief, is a new interactive version of Health, United States, 2011, In Brief . It was developed jointly with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health. The new interactive report provides text, charts, and tables from Health, United States, 2011. Additional data from the full Health, Read More >

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