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Beyond the Checkbox: New Standards for Health Data Reflect the Nation’s Diversity

Accurate data on race and ethnicity are essential for understanding the health of different populations. This information helps identify health disparities and supports public health programs and research. By collecting race and ethnicity data, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) plays a vital role in advancing health equity in the United States. On March Read More >

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QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged ≥18 Years Who Received Care at Home from a Friend or Family Member During the Past 12 Months, by Age Group — National Health Interview Survey

During 2021, 11.9% of adults aged ≥18 years received care at home from a friend or family member during the past 12 months. The percentage of adults who received care during the past 12 months was similar among adults aged 18–44 years (9.8%) and 45–64 years (10.5%), then increased with age to 13.8% among those Read More >

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New Detailed Race and Ethnicity Data Query System

Collage of people. Text says Generate custom adult health statistics by race and Hispanic or Asian subgroup with our new query tool

NCHS has released a new interactive data query system that allows users to search for data on adults about selected health topics by detailed race and ethnicity groups and subgroups in the United States. The new system provides estimates as three-year averages based on 2019-2021 final data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). The three-year averages Read More >

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Fact or Fiction: Is a growing percentage of Americans with hypertension unaware they have it? Source: Read More >

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Access and Utilization of Selected Preventive Health Services Among Adolescents Aged 10–17

Adolescence is a critical period for health promotion, disease prevention, and the development of healthy habits. Regular preventive health care visits during this period are recommended to promote health and quality of life. An NCHS report examines recent trends and demographic differences in the percentages of adolescents with a usual place for preventive care; those Read More >

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Health news you may have missed

The National Center for Health Statistics’ Office of Public Affairs keeps an archive of previously released press releases going back to 1994. The news releases cover the wide range of important and interesting health topics that our data cover. To search these news releases by date or by subject matter, visit the NCHS Press Room and Read More >

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Report card for Nation’s health focuses on young adults aged 18-29

Young adults in the United States aged 18-29 face a number of health challenges, including increases in obesity, high injury rates, and a lack of insurance coverage compared to other adults, according to the latest report on the nation’s health from NCHS. Obesity rates have tripled among young adults in the past three decades, rising Read More >

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New Health E-Stat integrates obesity and overweight prevalence data

Results from the 2005-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estimated 32.7 percent of U.S. adults 20 years and older are overweight, 34.3 percent are obese and 5.9 percent are extremely obese. Additional data as well as figures and tables can be found by visiting the Read More >

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2008: A year in review

The National Center for Health Statistics releases a variety of reports every year that cover a wide range of health issues. The vital statistics and national surveys create a definitive picture of the health status of the American population, informing the public and guiding policy. Many of the reports are accompanied by press releases, which highlight key points. For Read More >

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Health Characteristics of Asian Adult Population

New Report Examines  the Health of  Asian Adult Population in the United States. The report examines Asian: health behavior, health care utilization, conditions, mental health status, health status, immunization and HIV testing.  Read more about Asian health characteristics here! Read More >

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