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QuickStats: Unintentional Drowning Death Rates of Children and Adolescents Aged 0–17 Years, by Sex and Age Group — United States, 2020–2021

During 2020–2021, the unintentional drowning death rate was 1.1 deaths per 100,000 population among children and adolescents aged 0–17 years. Rates were higher among males (1.5) than females (0.7). Among children aged <1 year, boys and girls had similar unintentional drowning death rates (1.0), whereas rates were higher for males than for females among those Read More >

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PODCAST: Drowning Deaths Among U.S. Children HOST:  We’re joined today by Merianne Spencer, the author of a new study on accidental drowning deaths among children in the United States. HOST:  So briefly describe to us the scope of the problem. MERIANNE SPENCER:  Sure.  So unintentional drowning deaths are the second leading cause of injury death among children, those aged zero to 17, Read More >

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More On Drownings

As a follow up to our post on drownings we’re providing month-by-month data by race, sex, and type of drowning. This is an example of the type of data provided by the National Center for Health Statistics’s National Vital Statistics System. Accident to watercraft causing drowning and submersion Water‑transport‑related drowning and submersion without accident to Read More >

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The onset of summer means more people will be engaged in recreational activities in or around the water and will be at greater risk of drowning. CDC has developed an extensive fact sheet on water related injuries. It provides a great factual basis for a feature article. Read More >

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