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Maine‘s teen birth rate is also lower than the overall U.S. rate (19.4% vs. 29.4%).  Maine also has a significant larger proportion of its population without health insurance than the national average. However, Maine has mortality rates that are lower than the total U.S. for the following causes: cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Read More >

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Marriage, Cohabitation, and Men’s Use of Preventive Health Care Services

In honor of National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day, NCHS has released a new report that looks at preventive health care service use among groups of men aged 18-64: married men, cohabitating men and other not-married men.  The consistency of observed differences by age and health insurance coverage status were also investigated. Previous research has demonstrated that married Read More >

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How’s your state doing?

NCHS now has an easy way for you to check out where your state stands on a variety of health measures compared with the nation as a whole and other states, including the following: Mortality from leading causes of death Birth data, including births to unmarried mothers, teen births, cesarean deliveries, low birthweight births, prenatal Read More >

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