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Public-use Data Files Program Balances Data Demand and Confidentiality

Dr. Eve Powell-Griner

NCHS’ public-use data file service gives researchers access to datasets, documentation, and questionnaires from NCHS surveys and data collection systems. Free and downloadable from the NCHS website, public-use data files allow researchers to manipulate the data in a format appropriate for their analyses. Dr. Eve Powell-Griner, NCHS Confidentiality Officer, says public-use data files are central Read More >

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Connecting Surveys to Administrative Records: Data Linkage Opens Doors to New Longitudinal Research

A Valuable Resource for Researchers NCHS’s record linkage program is designed to maximize the scientific value of the Center’s population-based surveys. Linked data files enable researchers to take the “long view” and examine the factors that influence disability, chronic disease, health care utilization, morbidity, and mortality.   Producing Results Through Collaboration One of NCHS’s major Read More >

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