NCHS Volunteers an Integral Part of CDC’s Ebola Response Team

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Since first coming to the world’s attention in March 2014, the Ebola virus disease epidemic has claimed more than 9,300 lives and sickened more than 23,000 people* in West Africa.

africa mapVolunteers from the National Center for Health Statistics have joined hundreds of other CDC staff deployed to West Africa and U.S. locations to battle the most extensive outbreak of one of the world’s deadliest diseases ever recorded.

The NCHS staff who have joined the fight against this terrible disease are dedicated public health professionals. They are medical officers and health scientists, epidemiologists and statisticians.

More importantly, they are volunteers. They have offered their service freely. They put their professional and personal lives on hold for a month or more to join a global mobilization to help save lives.

Below are the NCHS staff members who have served in the mobilization against Ebola. We extend to them our appreciation and our gratitude.

  • Joseph Woodring
  • Anne Driscoll
  • Sirin Yaemsiri
  • Yelena Gorina
  • Duong Nguyen
  • Debra Brody
  • Brenda Baker
  • Sheba Dunston
  • Brigham Bastian
  • Sayeedha Uddin
  • Erin Nichols
  • Karon Lewis

* CDC. Update: Ebola virus disease epidemic—West Africa, February 2015. MMWR early release 64:1–2. 2015.

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