Second Round of Health Data Released by NCHS Rapid Surveys System

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CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics has released the second round of survey data from the Rapid Surveys System. This survey includes topics such as:

Topics included in Rapid Surveys will vary each round based on current health information needs. This flexibility ensures insights from data related to CDC and HHS priorities and initiatives.

Findings from the NCHS Rapid Surveys System second round are available on the NCHS website at

More about Rapid Surveys

The NCHS Rapid Surveys System gathers health data swiftly using online panels, with more than 4,000 adult participants in each round. Data are accessible via online interactive dashboards, web tables, and microdata files. Documentation describing data quality and limitations is also available online.

Although Rapid Surveys have fewer participants and lower precision compared with other NCHS surveys, NCHS ensures data quality through extensive review before release. While not replacing other NCHS population health surveys, this system provides additional timely insights to complement existing data sources.

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