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The New York Times Looks at Children and Sugar

The New York Times highlighted the work of senior epidemiologist Dr. Cynthia L. Ogden and her team in their coverage of children and sugar consumption. The March 19 article, “Added Sugars Pile Up on Children’s Plates,” covers data and findings from Data Brief 87, Consumption of Added Sugar Among U.S. Children and Adolescents, 2005-2008 (March 2012). Among the surprising findings highlighted: Young people obtained only 40 percent of sugar calories from soft drinks, and they got most of their sugar at home. Dr. Ogden also recently discussed the issue of obesity as part of a keynote panel at a plenary session of the CDC’s “Weight of the Nation” Conference in Washington, D.C.


JET Sets Sights on Unwed Mothers

An article in the April 16, 2012, issue of JET magazine on children born out of wedlock, “Baby Boom,” featured an illustrative graph created from data excerpted from the November 2011 National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 60, No. 1. The graph, “Percent of Births to Unmarried Women by Race and Ethnicity, 1990-2009,” cited the report’s authors: Joyce A. Martin, Brady E. Hamilton, Stephanie J. Ventura, Michelle J.K. Osterman, Sharon Kirmeyer, T.J. Mathews, and Elizabeth C. Wilson. The graph first appeared in a November 2011 Child Trends Research Brief.

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