Halloween Quiz

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This Halloween see if you can figure out which iconic Halloween figure, ghost, ghoul or member of the undead could benefit most from the following NIOSH information. While hazards for the undead are many and varied, we have offered some possible answers below.  Feel free to share your answers with us in the comment section – maybe even channel your favorite Halloween horror movie.


Happy Halloween!


1) Bloodborne Infectious Diseases

2) Safety and Health in the Horseracing Industry

3) Safer and Healthier at Any Age: Strategies for an Aging Workforce

4) Aviation Safety

5) Sleep and Work

6) Commercial Fishing Safety

7) Respirator Fit Testing

8) Heat Stress

9) Electrical Safety

10) Dangers of Bathtub Refinishing

11) Hearing Loss Prevention

12) Musculoskeletal Disorders

13) Venomous Spiders



1.                                                        2.                                                                      3a.                                      3b.                                                               4a.



4b.                                                                                  5.                                                                                         6.                                                                    7.



8.                                                                                      9.                                                          10.                                                                            11.



12.                                                                                   13.



Posted on by Julie Tisdale-Pardi

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    Eliminating the horrors of disease will always be an act of great importance and significance. The CDC has and continues play a very important role in this heroic effort. Helping children see more than a trick or a treat is a great gift to include while nurturing safe and enjoyable creativity and fun. Your efforts are inspirational for me as well. Wishfully, may we all contribute by showing how much we care and be fair, minimizing what may make a child truly be scared.

    I really enjoy all these blogs because while we all share a love of Halloween…we also all bring our own unique point of view to sharing that love! We are all in great company.

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