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It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves scrambling to fill the holiday wishes of our loved ones and friends.  We would like to invite you to take a minute or two out of this busy season and share your holiday wish for workers.  Anything goes.  Dream big or share an attainable goal for the coming year.

We’ve started it off with a few wishes from NIOSH Director, Dr. John Howard, and members of the NIOSH Leadership Team.  Please add your wishes below.  We’ll be sure to forward them to the North Pole.

For a little holiday fun, check out last year’s blog, Safety for Santa.

Happy Holidays from NIOSH!


Wishes for Workers

That there should be no distinction in employment settings between “temporary” and “permanent” workers in how well all workers are protected from workplace hazards.

– John Howard, MD, Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Safe work that allows all workers to live life to the fullest. 

– Dawn Castillo, MPH, Director, NIOSH Division of Safety Research

My wish this holiday season is for a sleigh-load of workplaces that put people first — that see the powerful relationship between taking care of customers by taking care of workers.  I hope for more workplaces that provide safer jobs, greater respect and recognition for employees, high-quality benefits, increased flexibility  and opportunities for employees to become healthier every single day.  Let’s send workers home at the end of each day with the greatest gift of all — more health!  The companies that understand this connection are the ones who will succeed in the new economy.  Find out more at www.cdc.gov/niosh/twh.

 – L. Casey Chosewood, MD, Senior Medical Officer for Total Worker Health(TM) NIOSH

That the greater ambition of building a proactive rather than merely compliant safety culture inspires greater engagement among workers, health professionals and employers.

 –W. Gregory Lotz, Ph.D.  Director,  NIOSH Division of Applied Research and Technology

That including a focused health and safety review before designs are completed becomes a standard practice in the building and construction process.

– Christine M. Branche, Ph.D., FACE, Principal Associate Director, NIOSH, and Director, Office of Construction Safety and Health

My wish is for Santa to bring a comfy personal flotation device to every fisherman this year!

– Jennifer Lincoln, PhD, Director, NIOSH Alaska Pacific Office

All of our nation’s emergency response workers are prepared and trained to respond effectively and safely to any disaster.

-CDR Lisa Delaney MS, CIH, Associate Director, NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response Office

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    That successful health and safety records are rewarded and celebrated, and that all involved feel a sense of pride- earned through their safe work practices.
    Thais C. Morata, Ph.D., Coordinator, NIOSH NORA Manufacturing Sector Council

    My wish is that workplaces become leaders for worker safety and health, and that their commitment helps enrich health and safety throughout their communities.

    That the boundaries between occupational health and non-occupational health programs disappear, so that interventions in the workplace influence community health and community interventions influence occupational health.

    My wish is for Workplace Leaders to listen and act on the voice of their employees when health and psychological issues are made known to them.

    That noise be “engineered” out during machine design rather than “controlled” after installation. Or worse, “protected” out by the worker.

    #Julia Faucett – Well thought out wish. My wish adds to yours in that work places become leaders in emergency preparedness by providing appropriate kits, materials and instructions to handle the most likely kinds of emergencies for their environment.

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