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Nail Salon Table Evaluation

NIOSH is requesting that developers, manufacturers, and vendors of vented nail tables (VNTs) submit new, unused, downdraft VNTs for a free evaluation. The NIOSH research will include an evaluation of VNT airflow and capture characteristics, noise level, ergonomic features, and filter life. Results of the research and recommendations from NIOSH will be communicated back to the submitter with the hope of providing valuable information for maximizing the efficiency of VNTs. Read More >

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NIOSH Seeks Input on Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (D.R.E.A.M.) Workshop

Direct-reading instruments are valuable tools for detecting and measuring worker exposure to hazards. Through the NIOSH Science Blog, NIOSH is seeking input on direct reading methods research needs and comment on topics for the Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (D.R.E.A.M.) Workshop. Read More >

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NIOSH Dose Reconstruction Program

Dose reconstruction is a scientifically complex process. In fact, the entire Compensation Program involves many challenging issues—many of them outside the realm of science. The NIOSH process has always been an open one. And, as always, we welcome comments and questions.  Read More >

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