Keeping the Momentum Going for Total Worker Health

Posted on by Heidi Hudson, MPH and Michelle Lee, BA, CWWS


Earlier this month NIOSH hosted the  1st International Symposium to Advance Total Worker HealthTM together with 17 other partners. The symposium was a tremendous success. The over 350 attendees were able to learn from the perspectives of over 100 presenters from within the United States and other countries representing nonprofit, private, government, and academic institutions, including the four NIOSH-funded Centers of Excellence to Promote a Healthier Workforce. We have seen lively post-conference discussions on other social networking sites (search #TWH2014 on Twitter and NIOSH Total Worker Health group on LinkedIn) and wanted to extend the conversation to our blog readers by asking the following questions:

  • What are the most pressing issues related to Total Worker Health?
  • If you attended the conference, what was the main message you took away from the meeting?  What would you like to see at future conferences?

In addition, on October 8-10, 2014, NIOSH was one of eight federal sponsors of the Healthier Federal Workers Conference. Over 130 individuals from more than 40 agencies attended the third Healthier Federal Workers conference that incorporated sessions with themes related to Total Worker Health. We have also seen lively conference discussions on Twitter (search #HFW2014). To keep the momentum going from this conference, we ask readers: What is the most pressing health challenge facing the federal workforce?

Given that there was such as wealth of information presented at these conferences and much more research being conducted, we have decided to post a series of blogs on Total Worker Health. Please provide your input on the questions posed in this blog in the comment section below and watch for upcoming posts on Total Worker Health issues.

For more highlights related to both conferences, see the Director’s Desk in the November issue of NIOSH eNews, coming soon!

Heidi Hudson, MPH and  Michelle Lee, BA, CWWS

LCDR Hudson is a US Public Health Service Officer and the Coordinator for Research Translation and Communication in the NIOSH Office for Total Worker Health.

Ms. Lee is a Public Health Associate in the NIOSH Office for Total Worker Health with a focus in Research Translation and Communication.



Posted on by Heidi Hudson, MPH and Michelle Lee, BA, CWWS

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    We need to have ergo active computer workstations that free us sedentary workers to move and do mild exercises of major muscle groups in-between our downloads and mouse clicks.

    Do you have videos or notes of what was presented symposium. i would love to share them with some of my human resources clients.

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