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Truck driver

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    I’m a 65 y/o bus driver dealing with BPH for past 9yrs. ONLY complications to date are 3 occasions off work suffering from bladder infection. On 2 of these occasions I was hospitalised for 1-2 days and put on antibiotic drip and medication for 1 week after discharge. I then spent 2-4 days off work and returned to normal work duties without complications. nb ONLY BPH symptoms I have ever suffered being lower back pain and accute appendicitis -like pain on occasions. NB I have NEVER had symptoms other than ment’d previously.

    Q. SPECIFIC; IN ALL RESEARCH I HAVE DONE TO DATE I have NOT found ANY link/info./ research papers etc. relating to urine retention and earlier onset of BPH symptoms related to my work as a busdriver. nb Due to tight schedules and non-provision of readily available bathroom/toilet facilities for the past 20+ years I have driven inummearable times for periods between 2-5 hours and have been unable to go to the toilet when ‘naturecalls’ !!. I believe my current severe BPH symptoms incl. massive prostrate /massive bladder/damage to bladder muscle/ uropathy/diverticulitis are ALL related my worplace environment which has exascerbated what was previously a ‘manageable ‘BPH condition.

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