Thank You Truck Drivers!

Posted on by W. Karl Sieber, Ph.D.

truck3When you eat lettuce from California or purchase a new couch, consider how these goods got to your local grocery store or home. Nearly 2 million heavy or tractor-trailer truck drivers cross the nation every year to bring us the goods we are used to finding on our store shelves or to deliver our online purchases [BLS 2012]. In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 14-20), we want to thank all truck drivers for their hard work and dedication.

Truck drivers are essential to the United States. It is important that safety and health professionals and truck drivers and their employers work together to keep truck drivers safe and well. A recent NIOSH survey found that when compared to the U.S. adult working population, more long-haul truck drivers (heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers whose freight delivery routes require them to sleep away from home) were obese, cigarette smokers, and diabetic. For example, obesity and current smoking were twice as prevalent.

These results suggest that the job itself, which can include long hours sitting, stress factors like traffic and demanding schedules, and limited access to healthy foods, may contribute to a higher chance for health problems. This gives our partners and us an opportunity to use the work setting to identify and stimulate changes that can lead to better health. To do so, it is essential that we communicate effectively with truckers and trucking companies.

NIOSH is exploring different ways to share health information with the trucking industry. We are seeking your input to help us determine:

  • What is the best way to get our information out to long-haul truck drivers?
  • Who would long-haul truck drivers listen to?
  • What health and safety topics are important to long-haul truck drivers?

We value your input and urge you to assist us by submitting any comments you might have to this blog article. In the months to come, we will post current research from our long-haul truck driver research study.

Thank you for your assistance,

W. Karl Sieber, Ph.D.

Karl Sieber is a NIOSH Research Health Scientist with the Surveillance Branch of the Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations, and Field Studies. He is the Project Officer for the National Survey of U.S. Long-Haul Truck Driver Health and Injury. The survey was supported by NIOSH with partial funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation.

Posted on by W. Karl Sieber, Ph.D.

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    The trucking industry provides an essential service to the American economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land—typically from manufacturingplants to retail distribution centers. Trucks are also important to the construction industry, as dump trucks and portable concrete mixers are necessary to move the large amounts of rocks, dirt, concrete, and other building materials used in construction. Trucks in America are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land, and are vital tools in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries.

    Source – Wikipedia

    That’s good and i am glad to read your articles about this kind of topic Truck Drivers. I feel some difficulties but, overall good.

    Thank you for your comment. We would like to hear about the difficulties you mention if you are willing to share them on the blog.

    Have you thought of public service announcements on satellite radio? I listen to satellite radio and it has channels that target truckers.

    I definitely think that truck drivers are frequently overlooked. I think it would be really good to thank truck drivers more often. They help make sure that products get transferred all across the country. I am sure that without truck drivers, we wouldn’t have such easy access to all the things that we have!

    Truck drivers are essential in our economy, yet most days you read in the press that people are protesting about them using the roads in their towns etc.. how do these people think fuel, foods and goods get delivered? Any way thank you to all the truck drivers out there who continue to do a great job even though sometimes the conditions are poor. We need more truck drivers at the moment globally which has been highlighted in this news piece about the current driver shortage and the issues we face attracting new drivers.

    Really we should thanks to our truck drivers. They can work up to 60/week. Sometime they spend up to 4 days in loading and unloading cargo.

    We truckers are truly the lifeblood of this great country. Anyone who says otherwise is just flat out wrong. Sure we might not be a perfect bunch, but we’re there when it counts. I’m proud to be a hot shot trucker.

    Great and interesting information. Thank you. Truck drivers are essential in the markets of the whole universe and this niche actually creates a great value to economics. Shipping companies appreciate drivers and understand that their job is essential for a company’s good performance.

    I think it’s a good idea to Thanks truck drivers. Great and interesting information.

    Driving is a wonderful profession. Hope all Americans will understand and care from the government!

    Agree on Truck drivers are essential to the United States. Transportation is also important for our shipment

    “We want to say a big thank you to all the truck drivers out there! 🚚 You’re the ones who make sure everything gets where it needs to go, helping businesses and communities. As a proud dealer, we understand the vital role truck drivers play in the transportation industry. Thank you for your hard work and commitment! 👏

    We totally agree with the radio PSA suggestion. Not only satellite radio, but also streaming internet radio stations. We would be happy to play them on our internet stream which definitely has truckers listening 24/7!

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