NIOSH Seeks Input on Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (D.R.E.A.M.) Workshop

Direct-reading instruments are valuable tools for detecting and measuring worker exposure to hazards. Through the NIOSH Science Blog, NIOSH is seeking input on direct reading methods research needs and comment on topics for the Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (D.R.E.A.M.) Workshop. Read More >

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Nanotechnology: Should carbon nanotubes be handled in the workplace like asbestos?

Do the nanoparticles used in nanotechnology pose unintended risks of illness or injury for workers employed in the industry? The NIOSH Science Blog looks at one nanomaterial—carbon nanotubes—and discusses new research findings about their similarities to asbestos and how they should be handled in the workplace to protect workers. Read More >

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Are your ears really protected? Find out with NIOSH’s QuickFitWeb

Hearing protectors such as ear plugs and earmuffs only work if they fit and are worn properly. NIOSH's QuickFitWeb is an online tool which allows users to check the fit of their hearing protectors in a minute or less. Read more and check your hearing protectors on the NIOSH Blog.  Read More >

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Portfolio Management at NIOSH

NIOSH accomplishes its mission through a portfolio of programs. Each of these programs selects research goals that are of the most relevance to real world problems, conducts research of the highest scientific quality that is directed by those goals, and measures the impact that its research has in the daily lives of workers. Read More >

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