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Precision Medicine: the Arrival of Genomics to the Clinic is the Beginning of a Longer Journey

examining room with DNA sequencing on the wall

It has been a year since the announcement of the new US Precision Medicine Initiative. As new funding is awarded to investigators across the country, the pace of assembling the cohort of a million or more individuals will accelerate. This cohort will link information from genomic, behavioral, social, environmental, and health outcomes to discover and Read More >

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Genome Sequencing in the Clinic – The question is not whether the glass is half-full or half-empty but whether or not the glass is the right tool.

two half full glasses of water - one with DNA inside it and one with DNA next to it

Earlier this fall, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Technology Evaluation Center produced a report evaluating the clinical use of exome sequencing in the diagnosis of rare diseases. That this report was even generated is remarkable, as it marks an appreciable level of penetration by exome sequencing into clinical care. A decade ago, sequencing and interpreting even Read More >

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