Precision Medicine Update: Important Progress on the Long Road from Discovery to Population Health Impact

a long road with DNA and the text Discovery and Population Health Impact

Impressive Pace and Potential The All of Us Research Program is an ambitious United States initiative launched in 2015 to collect health-related information on one million or more volunteers from diverse communities. A recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine described progress and lays out the vision for the initiative moving forward. As Read More >

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Can a Healthy Lifestyle Reduce Your Risk of Dementia Regardless of Your Genes?

a hand writing Dementia with bar bells and an apple wrapped in a measuring tape and DNA

A large retrospective, cohort study found that a healthy lifestyle is associated with a lower risk for dementia among people considered at high genetic risk. An active lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet, limited alcohol, and not smoking, has long been associated with reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. In the last ten years, Read More >

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Why should early career public health researchers pay attention to precision medicine?

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In a recent commentary published in the American Journal of Public Health, I had the privilege of working with a group of early career investigators to begin a conversation about the impact that the debate between the utility of precision medicine and public health approaches is having as we begin our research careers. To begin, let’s Read More >

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