Evidence Matters in Genomic Medicine

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A new IOM report makes recommendations that aim to ensure that progress in omics-based test development is grounded in sound scientific evidence and is reproducible, resulting in improved health care and continued public trust in research.  Another new IOM roundtable workshop report discussed the differences in evidence required for clinical use, regulatory oversight, guideline inclusion, coverage, Read More >

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Making Universal Screening for Lynch Syndrome a Reality: The Lynch Syndrome Screening Network

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Every day, about 400 people in the United States are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Approximately twelve of them have Lynch syndrome, a hereditary condition that increases the risk of colorectal cancer and other cancers.  Identifying people with Lynch syndrome could have substantial health benefits for them, their families, and communities.   Read More >

Posted on by Deb Duquette, MS, CGC & Sarah Mange, MPH- Michigan Department of Community Health; Cecelia Bellcross, PhD, MS- Emory University; Heather Hampel, MS, CGC- The Ohio State University; Kory Jasperson, MS, CGC- Huntsman Cancer Institute (Authors are all from the Lynch Syndrome Screening Network (LSSN) Founding Board of Directors)1 CommentTags , , , , ,

The Public Health Approach to Genetic Testing in the 21st Century: Saving Lives and Saving Unnecessary Healthcare Costs

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In March 2012, a prominent health insurer in the United States released a white paper entitled: “Personalized Medicine: trends and prospects for the new science of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics” By analyzing their own claims data, the report suggests that in 2010, the cost of genetic and molecular diagnostic testing for its members was about $500 Read More >

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Can Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young be Prevented?

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A Michigan Story on Lessons Learned and Action Steps to Take The winter months have arrived and with them comes a certain madness, specifically March Madness.  On March 12, 2012 the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament will commence.  Most of the focus will be on cheering for the teams we picked to win our brackets; Read More >

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