How Genetic Counselors are Dealing with Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

a genetic counselor talking to a client with DNA in the background

After receiving ancestry information from a direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing company, Ellen Matloff, a certified genetic counselor and frequent writer about the limitations of DTC tests, downloaded her raw data file from their website for interpretation by a third party service. She was shocked to see that her raw data included a variant for Lynch Read More >

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Introducing “Precision” to the CDC Genomics and Health Impact Update and the Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base

a world map with a GPS, cell phone and DNA and people

For many years, the CDC Office of Public Health Genomics has published the Genomics and Health Impact Weekly Update with the latest information and publications about the real-world impact of genomics on medicine and public health. More recently, we added a second feature to our weekly update, the Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) Clips, highlighting the Read More >

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