Category: Material(s) Used

Mail Materials to Partners

Including materials in a mailing to key partner offices. Read More >

Integrate Milestone Moments Booklet into Home Visiting Programs

Integrating Milestone Moments booklets into trainings for home visitors and distributing materials to families during home visits with families to serve as an aid to discussions about child development.  Read More >

Integrate Milestone Moments Booklets into Early Care and Education Centers

Integrating Milestone Moments booklets for parents of young children and training for staff in an early care and education setting. Read More >

Integrate Materials into Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Clinics

Integrating materials in WIC nutrition clinics. Read More >

Integrate Materials into Pediatric Practices

Integrating materials into pediatric practices as part of broader efforts to increase developmental screening. Read More >

Integrate Materials into Newborn Baby Kits

Integrating materials, such as Milestone brochures and Milestone Moments booklets, into birthing hospitals’ newborn baby kits that are given to moms to take home from the hospital. Read More >

Integrate Autism Case Training Curriculum into Residency or Fellowship Programs

Integrating ACT curriculum into residency and fellowship programs. Read More >

Integrate Autism Case Training Curriculum into Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Training Programs

Integrating ACT curriculum into LEND training programs, which provide long-term, graduate-level interdisciplinary training as well as interdisciplinary services and care to improve the health of infants, children, and adolescents with disabilities. Read More >

Integrate Autism Case Training Curriculum into College Courses

Integrating ACT curriculum into college courses about child development and developmental disabilities. Read More >

Feature “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” in Statewide Trainings

Featuring materials and Autism Case Training curriculum at trainings, often in tandem with other relevant topics. Read More >