Category: Web-Based Promotion

Using Social Media Influencers to Engage Parents

Social Media Influencers can have thousands or more followers. Targeting influencers whose brand is focused on parenting and encouraging them to promote “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” is a promising way to increase awareness among parents and connect them to developmental milestone resources. Example Influencer Jillianne Castillo created a blog post that featured the “Learn Read More >

Engage and Collaborate with Key Stakeholders for Collective Impact

Engage in statewide partnerships to ensure alignment of partners’ efforts, duplication reduction and maximization of impact Example Act Early Ambassador and members of the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), a New Jersey organization whose goal is to empower families to serve as advocates in the improvement of education and health outcomes of children, actively engaged Read More >

Link to Web Resources in Parent Newsletters

Linking to “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” website and materials and providing information about milestones in an e-newsletter to parents. Read More >

Link to Web Resources in Online Toolkits

Linking to “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” web resources in online toolkits for appropriate target audiences.  Read More >

Develop State-Specific Act Early Website

Developing state-specific Act Early websites for parents, primary care providers, and/or other partners. Read More >