Integrate Milestone Moments Booklets into Early Care and Education Centers


Integrating Milestone Moments booklets for parents of young children and training for staff in an early care and education setting.


  • Sheltering Arms Educare Atlanta, in partnership with United Way of Greater Atlanta, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation Atlanta Civic Site, where developmental screening is a core component of the organization’s system of care model, printed and integrated Milestone Moments booklets. Parents received the booklet during a parent conference either at entry into the program or when the child received an Ages and Stages developmental screening questionnaire. To support the distribution, staff at Sheltering Arms, and others who were part of the system of care, received training on developmental milestones and the importance of monitoring children’s development. The Health Navigator, Family Support Specialist, and teachers reviewed the booklet with parents and showed parents how to use it as a tool to monitor their child’s development.
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