Integrate Materials into Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Clinics

Wall with milestone charts on it

Integrating materials in WIC nutrition clinics.


  • In a year-long pilot in WIC clinics in St. Louis, parents completed customized, age-appropriate Milestone checklists during their WIC certification visits and were encouraged by WIC staff to share the completed checklists with their children’s health care provider. Engaging environmental graphics containing key messages were created, printed, and installed on the walls and floors of the clinics to increase exposure and learning opportunities. The University of Missouri continues to expand and evaluate this program in collaboration with state and local Missouri WIC partners.
  • A partnership with a WIC nutrition program in an underserved area of New Hampshire was forged to support the dissemination of materials and of Ages and Stages-3 developmental screening questionnaire to parents. The effort involved coordinating state, regional, local WIC program stakeholders, and other system stakeholders.


  • St. Louis WIC: Initial evaluation of the pilot implementation showed that WIC staff and parents accepted the program. It increased WIC staff referrals for suspected developmental delays and improved parental awareness of developmental milestones. Partnerships with key personnel at local WIC agencies and a protocol tailored to the needs of WIC staff and clinic flow facilitated successful implementation.

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