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Going Out to Eat with Food Allergies

Food Allergy Awareness Week

Rick, Lois, Angus, and Samantha visit a new restaurant to celebrate Rick’s birthday. They are excited to try the restaurant they’ve heard so much about. The host seats them and they start looking over their menus to decide what to order. Lois is allergic to peanuts, so she wonders about the ingredients in the eggrolls. Read More >

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ATSDR at Work: Camp Lejeune, NC, Part 3

ATSDR holds public information session

Third in a Series of Three Posts Working with the Community: Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel What are Community Assistance Panels? If you don’t know much about the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), you may not realize that it is one of the federal agencies that recognize the importance of community and Read More >

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ATSDR at Work: Camp Lejeune, NC, Part 2

ATSDR Public Health Activities at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Second in a Series of Three Posts ATSDR Gathers Information about Health When they learned that drinking water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune had been contaminated from the 1940s to the 1980s, many people who lived or worked there in those years became concerned about their health. ATSDR has completed four studies to learn Read More >

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ATSDR at Work: Camp Lejeune, NC, Part 1

This is the First in a Series of Three Posts What’s in the Water? You’re out working in your yard on a steamy summer day when you realize you need a break. You run inside to pour yourself a tall glass of ice water. But do you stop to test it before you drink it? Read More >

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Voices from the Field: Uranium in the Navajo Nation

Paul Charp

Paul Charp is a senior health physicist with ATSDR’s Division of Community Health Investigations (DCHI). DCHI works to reduce person’s exposures to toxic substances. A health physicist is an individual who has specific training in radiation safety protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards. The typical health physicist has an understanding of many Read More >

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Find the Latest News on Toxic Exposure

Have you read the latest MMWR? Unless you are a scientist or health professional, you probably don’t recognize those initials! MMWR stands for Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a publication of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is CDC’s primary vehicle for publishing timely and useful public health information. Read More >

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ATSDR Investigates Superfund Sites

Whether it’s lead, cadmium, or zinc at a mining company in Oklahoma, tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene at the Kittatinny Limestone Aquifer in New Jersey, or perchlorates in Tierra Verde Lake in Arizona, ATSDR examines health effects of toxic substances on people who live and work on and around Superfund sites. As Mark Johnson, the regional director Read More >

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A Year in Review: 2014

Arizona, BPA, arsenic, Haiti, American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes, mercury, foodborne illness, Palau, epidemiology, contaminated water. What do these seemingly random items have in common? They all appeared in “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts about NCEH/ATSDR staff in 2014. Our “Meet the Scientist” and “Voices from the Field” series aim to put a face on Read More >

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Top 10 NCEH/ATSDR “Your Health, Your Environment” Blog Posts of 2014

As this year draws to a close, perhaps you’ve realized you didn’t get a chance to read all of the “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts. To help get you into full catch-up mode, here are the ten most popular posts of 2014: Staggering Numbers: Do You Know the Disease? Are We Getting Enough Vitamins Read More >

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Woman’s Worry Prompts CDC/ATSDR Outreach on Testing Private Wells

In the “Voices from the Field” blog series, NCEH and ATSDR staff tell us about their work in communities, states, tribal territories, and even other countries. Read about how ATSDR Region 9 employees Ben Gerhardstein and Jamie Rayman discovered a critical need for accurate information in an Arizona community and created educational materials that everyone Read More >

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