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A Year in Review: 2014

Arizona, BPA, arsenic, Haiti, American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes, mercury, foodborne illness, Palau, epidemiology, contaminated water. What do these seemingly random items have in common? They all appeared in “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts about NCEH/ATSDR staff in 2014. Our “Meet the Scientist” and “Voices from the Field” series aim to put a face on Read More >

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Top 10 NCEH/ATSDR “Your Health, Your Environment” Blog Posts of 2014

As this year draws to a close, perhaps you’ve realized you didn’t get a chance to read all of the “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts. To help get you into full catch-up mode, here are the ten most popular posts of 2014: Staggering Numbers: Do You Know the Disease? Are We Getting Enough Vitamins Read More >

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Voices from the Field Featuring Brian Hubbard

My name is Brian Hubbard, and I am a health scientist in CDC’s Environmental Health Services Branch. Read on to learn how I worked directly with the Haitian government to improve water sanitation efforts. Global access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene education can reduce illness and death from disease, leading to improved Read More >

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Who Is Most at Risk in Disasters?

Imagine that one of the steps to your front porch is broken. Do you wait until someone falls and gets hurt to repair it, or do you fix it before that happens? How about smoke alarms? Do you wait until you have a fire in your home before you install one, or do you install Read More >

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GRASP Propels Polio Vaccination by Locating Remote Nigerian Villages

Thanks to nationwide immunization, by 1979 the United States had effectively eliminated polio, a crippling and sometimes fatal disease. However, in much of the world, polio continued to spread. Polio is incurable and contagious, so widespread and thorough vaccination is the only way to eradicate it completely. In 1988, national governments organized by the World Read More >

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