Introducing ATSDR’s Community Stress Resource Center

Community Stress Resource Center

Life in a community experiencing long-term environmental contamination can be stressful for many reasons, including uncertainty, health and financial concerns, and feelings of powerlessness. While it is normal for people to feel stress in these situations, chronic – or sustained – stress can pose health risks on top of those related to environmental exposures. Read More >

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Life Chose A Different Path for Dr. Patricia Ruiz

Dr. Patricia Ruiz

“I believe that we always have a dream for our lives — but some plans may change because of a situation that goes against our will. When things don’t go as planned, those are learning opportunities. In those times we need to be brave, be flexible, refocus, persevere, and never give up,” says Dr. Patricia Read More >

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World Hearing Day – March 3, 2021

CDC supports the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Day, on March 3rd. World Hearing Day promotes ear and hearing care across the world and raises awareness of how to prevent deafness and hearing loss. Read More >

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