World Hearing Day – March 3, 2021

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CDC supports the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Day, on March 3rd. World Hearing Day promotes ear and hearing care across the world and raises awareness of how to prevent deafness and hearing loss.

This year, World Hearing Day is much more than an annual observance, as we mark the release of the first-ever World Health Organization’s World Report on Hearing. The World Health Organization brought together experts from around the world, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for contributions to this first-ever report.

The report describes many ways we can protect our ears and hearing from loud noise:

  • Turn down the volume down on personal listening devices such as headphones and earbuds.
  • Avoid loud noise whenever possible.
  • Give your ears a rest and take periodic breaks from noise.
  • Use hearing protection such as earplugs or noise-cancelling earmuffs.

Remember, good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life. Hearing loss and related ear diseases can be avoided through preventative actions such as:

  • protection against loud sounds,
  • good ear care practices, and
  • immunization.

world hearing day
Hearing loss and related ear diseases can be addressed when early, and appropriate care is sought. People at risk of hearing loss should check their hearing regularly. People with hearing loss or related ear diseases should seek care from a health care provider.
According to the World Health Organization

  • More than 360 million people live with disabling hearing loss.
  • More than 1 billion people aged 12-35 years are at risk of hearing loss due to recreational noise exposure.
  • Globally, the overall cost of not addressing hearing loss is more than $750 billion.




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