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Understanding the Full Impact of Sepsis: Epidemiology, Definitions and Outcomes

Dr. Greg Martin

Guest Author: Dr. Greg Martin Professor of Medicine, Emory University Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related events and diseases in specified populations. For sepsis, like any other health condition, we want to know how often it occurs, when and where it occurs, who it affects, and what happens during the Read More >

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Sepsis is Life Changing for All Involved

Carl Flatey, Founder of Sepsis Alliance

Guest Author: Carl Flatley DDS MSD Founder / Board Member of Sepsis Alliance Pres. of the Erin Kay Flatley Memorial Foundation “I believe sepsis is the #1 unmet medical need in the USA, as well as globally. Some research estimates that  sepsis is the #3 cause of death in the US and the #1 cause Read More >

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Stronger Together: Children’s Hospitals Aim to Save Lives from Sepsis

Amy Knight

Guest Author: Amy Wimpey Knight Chief Operating Officer, Children’s Hospital Association Sepsis has been called the “silent killer" and is devastating in children. In fact, sepsis is a leading cause of death among children and kills more than 4,500 children each year. And, of the 40,000 children diagnosed with sepsis each year, 38 percent of Read More >

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Changing Sepsis Lenses: From Adversity to Advocacy

Hillary Beth Spangler

Guest Author: Hillary Beth Spangler MD Candidate at UNC School of Medicine, Class of 2017 As a fourth year medical student at UNC School of Medicine, I’m humbled to be training at the university hospital that treated me for sepsis when I was 10 years old. I’ve had the privilege of seeing sepsis through various Read More >

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Sepsis Survivor: Working to Save the Antibiotics that Saved My Life

Dana Mirman

Guest Author: Dana Mirman, writer and publicist In December, it will be five years since a bump on my shoulder that I thought was a bug bite developed into a life-threatening infection. The day after I noticed the bump, I suddenly developed flu-like symptoms that quickly turned into the worst “flu” of my life. Within Read More >

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