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Category: Healthcare-associated infections

Stronger Together: Children’s Hospitals Aim to Save Lives from Sepsis

Amy Knight

Guest Author: Amy Wimpey Knight Chief Operating Officer, Children’s Hospital Association Sepsis has been called the “silent killer" and is devastating in children. In fact, sepsis is a leading cause of death among children and kills more than 4,500 children each year. And, of the 40,000 children diagnosed with sepsis each year, 38 percent of Read More >

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Changing Sepsis Lenses: From Adversity to Advocacy

Hillary Beth Spangler

Guest Author: Hillary Beth Spangler MD Candidate at UNC School of Medicine, Class of 2017 As a fourth year medical student at UNC School of Medicine, I’m humbled to be training at the university hospital that treated me for sepsis when I was 10 years old. I’ve had the privilege of seeing sepsis through various Read More >

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Sepsis Survivor: Working to Save the Antibiotics that Saved My Life

Dana Mirman

Guest Author: Dana Mirman, writer and publicist In December, it will be five years since a bump on my shoulder that I thought was a bug bite developed into a life-threatening infection. The day after I noticed the bump, I suddenly developed flu-like symptoms that quickly turned into the worst “flu” of my life. Within Read More >

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The Surviving Sepsis Campaign – The Past, the Present and an Exciting Future

Guest Author: Craig Coopersmith MD, Professor of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine Sepsis is a devastating tragedy for a patient and family, but also an urgent public health problem. A person with sepsis is more likely to die from sepsis than a person who suffers a heart attack, stroke, or other major trauma. Read More >

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Everyone Has a Role in Sepsis Prevention

Dr. Denise Cardo

Author: Denise Cardo, MD Director of the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by the body’s overwhelming response to an infection – It is a medical emergency. Time matters! CDC’s Vital Signs report, Think Read More >

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