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Celebrate Your Age, It’s Good for Your Health

Two senior friends laugh affectionately together. The women are standing outside on a sunny but cool day. They are dressed in casual sweaters. One woman is of African descent and the other is Caucasian.

Researchers have examined how ageism is internalized, or gets under the skin, under a theory Yale researcher Becca Levy called “stereotype embodiment.” Negative stereotypes about older adults are common in our culture, and not just on birthday cards. Children are introduced to negative stereotypes of old people at young ages, like the wicked old witch, and they continue to come across these as they age. According to this theory, when adults reach ages they consider are old, long-held stereotypes can shape how they see themselves. These self-perceptions can act as self-fulfilling prophecies. Adults who think that certain health problems are just part of getting older may be less likely to take the actions needed to stay healthy, like moving more and eating better. They thought they’d become ill, and that thinking helped make it come true. Read More >

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Hopefulness, Mental Health, and Wellness Counseling Are Vital for Young Asian American Cancer Survivors

Dr Anao Zhang

"I met Dr. Zhang at the 2019 national conference of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, where he made a presentation on health disparities and stress screening among young cancer survivors. He focused on young Asian American cancer survivors. This blog highlights a recent conversation we had about how health disparities and culture influence cancer survivors’ mental health and wellness." Read More >

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Back to Basics: Take Extra Care for Checkups and Screenings

Calendar with reminder note saying: Annual Checkup appointment.

There’s no doubt that 2020 is different from anything we could have imagined. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to adjust to new ways of doing everything from work to school, travel, and socializing with loved ones. Another area of our lives that looks different is how we get routine health checkups and cancer screenings. Read More >

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Tips for Cancer Survivors During Stressful Times

Couple walking outside

Feelings of uncertainty and fear may weigh heavily on people dealing with a cancer diagnosis or people who have had one in the past. Whether worrying about the risk of infection or about cancer coming back, cancer survivors may find it harder to stay healthy. June is Cancer Survivor’s Month, a good time to recognize and support people who have been told they have cancer. If you know a cancer survivor or are one yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind. Read More >

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The News on Cancer Deaths in the United States: Good, Bad, and Fantastic

Death rates from cancer dropped 26 percent from 1999 to 2018.

CDC works with agencies and organizations across the country to find ways to prevent people from getting cancer. We work with states to keep track of the number of people who get and die from cancer, and find out if those ideas work. Together, we can go beyond reducing the number of people who die from cancer—to stop people from ever getting cancer at all. Read More >

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