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Men, Cancer, and Culture: How Our Culture Can Help Men Lower Their Cancer Risk

In the United States, June is a time when we pause and celebrate men by observing Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week and Month. During June, we also celebrate cultural observances like Native American Day, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Immigrant Heritage Month, and Juneteenth—a new federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Because cancer affects men differently based on their race and ethnicity, each of June’s cultural observances offers creative opportunities for us to learn how our cultures affect our experiences with cancer. Read More >

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Kelly Westermann

“As a teenager, I lived on an island. Every summer, I spent three or four days a week at a beach with friends or family. And on those rainy days when I couldn’t get my dose of sun, I would often go to my local tanning booth. After all those years ignoring sunscreen and other forms of sun protection, I have noticed my skin is not as healthy as it could be.” Read More >

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You Can Love the Sun…and Protect Yourself From It

Leslie Ross with her father on her wedding day

The message I hope others can take from this is to make sun safety a habit to reduce the chance of getting skin cancer. It’s also important to be aware of changes in your skin, so that if you do develop skin cancer, you can find it early. When skin cancer is caught early, it is more treatable than in its later stages. Read More >

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The Sun Is My Vice

Robin Soler with her daughters

“Sun is my vice. It makes me feel good. It’s the root of my family name. Suns hang on the wall in my home reminding me and my children to shine—to be our best. We often speak of “vices” as something that’s okay because we do so many other things right. My vice damaged my skin.” Read More >

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The Truth About Sunscreen: 7 Facts That Will Set You Straight for Skin Protection This Summer

With summer around the corner, smart sun-lovers are planning how to keep their skin safe from sunburn and skin cancer while enjoying the warmer weather. Here are some important facts about sunscreen that will have you loving your skin and the summer at the same time! Read More >

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