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Getting the Right Treatment at the Right Time to Reduce Inequities in Breast Cancer Survival

From 2004 to 2009, about 89% of white women and about 78% of black women survived at least five years after a breast cancer diagnosis.

In 2017, CDC published a series of articles on 5-year survival across several cancers. For breast cancer, 5-year survival for all women was high—around 90%—but survival was more than 10% lower among black women compared with white women, which suggests that racial inequalities still exist despite great advances in breast cancer treatment options. Read More >

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Easing the Burden of Children and Families Dealing with Cancer

Photo of Jamie and her son Paxton.

“As a part of the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), I work to make the lives of children and families suffering from cancer easier by providing free information and resources that benefit the entire family, including the child. My involvement with ACCO is very personal since in 2014, my son was diagnosed with a very aggressive, stage four cancer at the age of five.” Read More >

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Mes de la Herencia Hispana: Nuevos recursos en español para pacientes con cáncer que reciben quimioterapia

Photo of Vivian and her dad

¿Es realmente necesario que mi papá tenga cáncer en estadio 4 y no pueda entender lo que su equipo médico le está diciendo? No me gustó la respuesta. En honor a mi padre y al Mes de la Herencia Hispana, tengo el orgullo de correr la voz sobre el programa Prevención de Infecciones en Pacientes con Cáncer que está disponible en inglés y español. Read More >

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Hispanic Heritage Month: New Spanish-Language Resources for Cancer Patients Getting Chemotherapy

Photo of Vivian and her dad

Does my dad really have to have stage 4 cancer and not be able to understand what his medical team is telling him? I didn’t like the answer. In honor of my dad and Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m so proud to spread the word about the Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients program that is available in English and Spanish. Read More >

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Reflections on My Childhood Cancer Experience 10 Years Later

Jordyn with her family.

“Having cancer taught me to try to find as much joy where you can get it. A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be so harrowing and overwhelming that it’s important to keep a focus on what you love. For me it’s humor, soccer, friends, and family. Cancer made me who I am, and I like who I am. I also learned that short hair can be cute!” Read More >

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