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Physician, Get Yourself Screened

Maureen Miller

In recognition of Cancer Prevention Month, a “disease detective” in CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control talks about what happened when she seemed too busy screening patients for cancer to get screened herself. Read More >

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Ronda Walker during cancer treatment.

"I deal with grief, pain, and fear every single day. But for all that cancer took away from me, it gave me something extraordinary. Cancer gave me a new perspective on life. Cancer gave me the opportunity to live my life in the moment, with intention.” Read More >

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Teal and White Yesterday and Today: The Evolution of Cervical Cancer Screening

Dr. Unger as a medical resident,

Cervical cancer screening is a success story. This cancer is now rare in the United States. Throughout these four decades of change, Dr. Unger said she always had “respect for the specimen.” Each piece of tissue comes from a woman in whom we can help prevent cervical cancer with high-quality science. Read More >

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Cancer, Flu, and You

boxing glove punching through a wall,fighting back against the flu

The U.S. flu season has started and is expected to continue for weeks. If you have cancer now or have had cancer in the past, you are at high risk for potentially serious complications from flu. As you spend time with loved ones this winter, remember to take these three actions to fight flu. Read More >

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Nine Caring Ways to Support a Lung Cancer Survivor

Photo of Jane Henley and her mother

You may know someone with lung cancer. Here are nine incredible ways that you can support lung cancer survivors. Read More >

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