CDC’s Tracking Network in Action

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CDC’s Tracking Network continues to develop new and innovative tools to make
environmental and health connections easier to understand.

Earlier this year, CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program’s “Tracking in Action” video series won the NCEH “Excellence in Communications” award for setting itself apart from other communications products with its high-caliber production quality, variety of content, dynamic videography, and plain language scripting focusing on the positive impact of the Tracking Network on environmental health.

Check out the CDC feature that highlights the two newest videos in the series.

CDC currently funds 26 state and local tracking programs as a part of the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. These state tracking programs work 24/7 saving lives and protecting people from health threats. Since the network launched in 2009, public health officials have used state tracking networks to identify trends such as increased asthma and lead poisoning rates and areas with people at high-risk of consuming contaminated drinking water. Now, decisions about public health actions can be made much faster and easier both nationally and locally.

Visit the Tracking Network today!


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