Climate Ready States and Cities

Flash floods. Extreme heat. Drought. Storm surges. As the climate changes, extreme weather events will likely become more common and more intense, resulting in widespread health concerns. As Hurricane Sandy demonstrated in 2012, these extreme events can cause injury, death, and destruction. Local, state, and national health officials are preparing to handle possible adverse health Read More >

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Massachusetts Tracking Program Helps Keep Norwood Residents Safe from Factory Pollution

An asphalt plant is proposed in the residential town of Norwood, Massachusetts   As director of the city health department in Norwood, Massachusetts, Sigalle Reiss is the first person that residents call with their health concerns. Facing the prospect of a new asphalt plant in the residential community, local citizens flooded her office with questions Read More >

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Meet the Scientist: Moiz Mumtaz

Ethiopia, Greece, India, Puerto Rico—NCEH and ATSDR employees come from around the world, enriching our work with their distinctive perspectives and bringing a deeper understanding to environmental health issues in the United States and beyond. Dr. Moiz Mumtaz, an award-winning, internationally-recognized scientist, provides toxicological expertise and insight in his work at ATSDR. Moiz Mumtaz’s story Read More >

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Toxicology Covered – from A to Z

When it comes to toxicology, ATSDR has you covered from A (acetone) to Z (zinc). Toxicology is the study of poisons and their effects on people, animals, and the environment. ATSDR toxicologist Moiz Mumtaz, PhD, points out that a toxic substance doesn’t have to come from a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it Read More >

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