I Have Liver Cancer, But You Don’t Have To

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Gary, 61, never really had health problems. “Before this, I can’t remember the last time I was sick twice in a year,” he says.

So an illness caught him off guard in 2013. When doctors suggested he go for more tests, he knew his condition was more severe than he first guessed. But the test results found something he never expected: Gary had liver cancer.

There are no recommended regular screening tests for liver cancer. “Most people don’t realize they have it until it’s much later on,” says Gary, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I had hepatitis C, as a matter of fact,” Gary says. “I never knew it until after I’d been out of the hospital. The doctor asked, ‘How long have you had hepatitis C?’ And I said, ‘I didn’t even know I had it!’”

About 3.5 million people in the United States have hepatitis C—a viral infection of the liver—and most don’t know they have it. Hepatitis C is especially common among people like Gary who are 50 to 70 years old. CDC recommends that people in this age range get tested for hepatitis C, and treated if the test is positive. When left untreated, hepatitis C can lead to liver cancer.

Gary is getting treatment to shrink the tumors in his liver. One tumor has been reduced significantly, and another has shrunk so much that scans can no longer see it. But the cancer may never go away entirely. “One thing I can do is help other people in the process of treatment. Maybe they don’t find the cure for liver cancer with me, but maybe I can help them find a cure. I also tell all my friends and family about the risk factors for liver cancer.”

Posted on by DCPC

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    my daughter has hepatitis c. she just found out she has liver cancer. the docs. are going to do test to see what stage she is in..can you explain what you went through and tell me what the after affects are and everything concerning this matter. i am really scared..i dont want to lose my daughter. she is only 45 yrs old. if you could just explain this from beginning to the end… i would love to hear about your experience..

    We are very sorry to hear that your daughter has liver cancer. The National Cancer Institute’s Adult Primary Liver Cancer Treatment–Patient Version (PDQ®) provides general information about liver cancer, tests, and treatment options. This will provide background information. Your daughter’s doctor can provide specific information about her case. We hope you find this information helpful and wish you and your daughter the best.

    My name is Todd and I am 59. I have liver cancer now from hep C. No problem.I have had 4 different surgeries and my 5th is set for the 28th. I beat the stage 4 throat cancer. Now this. All I know is this. Each second counts as PRECIOUS. PERIOD

    I had high feritin/iron levels in my blood and the first organ to be checked out has been the liver.
    After a single peblotomy the levels got back to normal.
    From now on I gonna check on my liver twice a year.The liver hasn’t been damaged.
    If you drink alcohol get tested on a regular basis.
    If you smoke get you lungs tested.
    I’ve been a heavy steroid user for the last 30 years…me too gotta keep an eye on my liver.
    Drinkers smokers and steroid abusers are at high risk

    I have stage 3 cancer in liver,,non operable,,,it in the portal vein…Was given 14 mos to live..Dr. says drug therapy is only option…that is to get past 6 mos life. I’m on lenvima now… Anyone got any advise???Or similar diagnosis…

    Hi Mike, how are you doing? Are you still on Lenvima? I have the same diagnosis and am currently on Lenvima. It’s only been two months but the side effects knock the wind of out me. I hope you have better experience…

    I am sorry for them as well. I had some chemical exposures at work 8 years ago and was a heavy/medium drinker for the last 4-5 years. I stopped drinking and only smoked 3 years after a thyroid surgery and stories like theirs inspire me to live a better, healthier life.

    If my wife hadn’t insisted I go get screened in 2016, I would not be here now, was diagnosed with stage111a colon cancer, had surgery and 6 months of chemo, doing fine now, I’ve been to several Churches and gave my testimony about the whole ordeal, and willing to give my testimony anywhere to help encourage others if I’m invited to, Thank you

    our good friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was also on the Spleen and removed. He has gone through several weeks of chemotherapy. Now the cancer has been discovered on his Liver. A 2mm tumor has grown to 5mm over a 2 month period.
    If he apparently has been given 4-6 months. We dont have much more for details
    My question is why cant the liver cancer be cut out and the liver regenerate ?

    Why doesn’t the CDC explore and report on alternative treatments for cancer? I see their recommendations for surgery, chemo, and radiation (slash, poison, & burn) therapies but little to nothing on naturopathic, homeopathic, and/or integrative medicine treatments.

    If ANY way of treatment is proven to work, I’m sure they will report on it.
    As for homeopathic medicine it is not “natural or even herbal”. Homeopathy is the dilution or titration of the substance “or similar” that creates or mimics the disease. But homeopathy dilutes to the powers of X, XX, XXX, XXXX.,
    This means if you know math… That it’s the equivalent of diluting a glass of the substance in the Pacific Ocean (literally), an then thinking that a spoon of ocean water four times a day it’s going to cure you.
    Herbs and chemical substances have always be known to have medical properties, so they have always been used in traditional medicine.
    In short treatments have to be PROVEN to work by the cientific method.

    I had Y-90 in Sept 2023. The interventionist radiologist did more than initially planned but he took care of a huge part of the tumor. Only about 10% remained to be treated. It knocked me down to barely being able to get up out of bed. My oncologist took me of chemo for several weeks to allow my body to rest and recoup. Between the Y-90 and the oral chemo I was on, my CA-9 plummeted! After about 3 weeks off meds I recovered and began the oral chemo again. It was tough but well worth the fight!! The radiation did irritate my stomach (radiology gastritis) but that’s been treated and now I’m good. Not cancer free because it has spread, but feeling good.

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