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Category: Bar Charts

State Data Accompanying MMWR Surveillance Summary 66(No. SS-1):1-8: Potentially Excess Deaths from the Five Leading Causes of Death in Nonmetropolitan and Metropolitan Areas, United States, 2005-2015

Screenshot, Potentially Excess Deaths by Locality

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Injury Mortality†: United States, 1999–2014

This storyboard depicts injury mortality in the United States from 1999 through 2014. Mortality is characterized using the underlying cause of death which, for injury deaths, refers to the circumstances of the accident or violence that produced the injury. Two concepts are included in the circumstances of an injury death: intent of injury and mechanism Read More >

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Drug Poisoning Mortality: United States, 1999–2015

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Deaths in the United States, 1900–2013

This storyboard of U.S. mortality trends over the past 113 years highlights the differences in age-adjusted death rates and life expectancy at birth by race and sex; neonatal mortality and infant mortality rates by race; childhood mortality rates by age; and trends in age-adjusted death rates for five selected major causes of death. Read More >

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Top 10 Leading Causes of Death: United States, 1999–2013

This dashboard presents the age-adjusted death rates for the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States, including mortality patterns from 1999 through 2013, and by state of residence for selected year and cause of death. Read More >

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Births and Birth Rates for Unmarried Women: United States, Selected Years 1940–2013

This storyboard illustrates the percent distribution of births to unmarried women, for 1970–2013; trends in nonmarital births and birth rates, by maternal age for 1940–2013 and by race and ethnicity for 1980–2013; and pregnancy and live birth rates, by marital status and race for 1990–2011. Read More >

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