Partner with the State’s 2-1-1 System to Distribute Customized Materials to Physicians

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Partnering with the state’s 2-1-1 system to create customized materials and conduct outreach to physicians about including “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” during well-child visits


  • Vermont’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” team partnered with “Help Me Grow Vermont” to connect parents to resources and programs in their local communities as well as teach them about milestones and developmental monitoring. “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” materials were customized to include 2-1-1 information (United Ways national helpline to connect callers with basic necessities such as food, shelter, and utilities). With the support of a “Help Me Grow Vermont” Child Development Specialist, the team educated doctors at the University of Vermont’s Children’s Hospital, Pediatric New American Clinic about LTSAE materials. As a result of their efforts, the doctors distributed customized copies of the Milestone Moments booklet and brochures, and/or “Help Me Grow Vermont” postcards during well-child visits. Approximately 200 Milestone Moments booklets and 500 brochures were distributed based on this partnership.

Project lead:
Janet Kilburn, LCSW, Medical Social Worker, Vermont Department of Health

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Page last updated: February 22, 2018