Market to Partners through E-mail

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E-mail marketing, including web links to “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” resources, to promising partner organizations.


  • E-mails with information about the campaign and web links to resources have been marketed to promising partners in early care and education. Each e-mail was signed and sent to employees across the partner organization by the organization’s director, signifying an official endorsement to staff of “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” materials. Organizations reached include Early Childhood Comprehensive System grantees, Head Start and Early Head Start grantees, Administration for Children and Families Tribal programs, and Office of Childcare grantees. Many organizations have adopted and integrated components of “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” into their systems of care as a result of these marketing efforts.

Project lead:
CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” team

Page last reviewed: October 7, 2015
Page last updated: October 7, 2015