Winter is Coming… Be Ready

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With winter bearing down on most of the country this week, it’s a great time to make sure you’re ready for cold weather.  Winter can be unpredictable as temperatures drop quickly and snow piles up within hours.  Winter is coming, so heed the advice of the Game of Thrones and start preparing now.

If you’re in the path of a storm, make sure to listen to weather forecasts which can provide you with details of a coming storm and critical information during the storm.  In case of a power failure, make sure you have a battery-powered or hand crank radio with extra batteries.

Game of Thrones mapWhenever a period of extreme cold is predicted, make sure your emergency supplies are ready for cold weather.  Update your emergency kits with extra blankets and clothes, snow shovels, rocks salt to melt icy walkways, and sufficient heating sources.  Consider a two-week supply of food and water if you live in a hard to reach area. 

In a winter storm, minimize your travel.  If you have to travel, keep others informed of your route and time of arrival, stay on main roads, and avoid back road shortcuts.  Remember that bridges and overpasses will ice over first.  Keep a near full gas tank to prevent your fuel line from freezing, and slow down!  You may be the best driver in the world, but ice, snow and other drivers can be unpredictable.  If you get stranded, stay in your vehicle.  Go here for more information on what to do if you are stranded in your car.

Limit your time outside.  Snow is fun and great to play in, but wear layers and make sure to come inside frequently to warm up and change out of wet clothes.  In cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced, eventually using up your body’s stored energy.  Hypothermia can be the result of abnormally low body temperature that affects the brain, causing a person to be unable to think clearly or move well. Look for warning signs of shivering, exhaustion, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, or drowsiness. winter weather infographic

Frostbite is another cold weather health hazard.  Frostbite is an injury to the body caused by freezing, and causes a loss of feeling and color in affected areas.  If most often affects your extremities, so keep your nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers, and toes covered.  If you have redness, numbness, or pain in any skin area, get out of the cold and protect your skin. 

Help spread the word about staying safe this winter. Share our Game of Thrones-inspired eCards or our Be Ready: Winter Weather infographic to encourage your friends and family to be prepared.

Are you ready for winter?  Tell us how you have prepared for winter weather in the comments below.

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