Delicious Disasters

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molten lava cake

What happens when you combine delectable delights with mother nature?  You get foods named after disasters. While we’re not sure if the actual disasters inspired the creative chefs to name these delights, we’re sure that they are delicious.

Warning: Severe mouth watering has been reported where the following items have been spotted:

1. Volcano chicken

volcano chicken

2. Molten lava cake

3. Ice cream blizzard 

ice cream blizzard

4. Hurricane Sushi

hurricane sushi

5. Mudslide pie

6. Tournedos of beef

(We know this one’s a stretch)

tournedos of beef

Although these treats may not be as life threatening as their descriptions, they won’t come in handy during an actual disaster either.  Luckily, we developed some other tasty alternatives to stock up on for your emergency kit when disaster does strike, outside the kitchen:

  • Water—one gallon per person, per day (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home)
  • Food—non­perishable, easy ­to­ prepare items (3­day supply for evacuation, 2­week supply for home
  • Dried fruit.
  • Dry, crisp crackers.
  •  Granola Bars
  •  Dried Potatoes
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Cereals
  •  Dried noodles like Ramen

Don’t know about you, but this is making us hungry.  Can you think of more foods named after disasters or other food items to store in your emergency kit? Leave us a comment and let us know!

For more fun preparedness tips, check out @CDCReady

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    awesome list of delicious foods; please keep up the good work..i love these lists you guys come out with

    This is a great way to spread disaster awareness using my favorite topic (food)! I recommend you add some chocolate to the disaster kit!

    Yum I’m hungry now! So delicious. 🙂

    Such a creative writer of this blog! There should definitely be more and more articles like this.

    Well after seeing all these delicious disasters no other names are coming into my mind. But for the foods we need during the real disasters, dry fruits are my favorite.

    Thanks for the list 🙂

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