Conversations in Equity

A CDC, Office of Minority Health & Health Equity (OMHHE) Blog devoted to increasing awareness of health inequities and promoting national, state, and local efforts to reduce health disparities and achieve health equity.

Welcome to the CDC OMHHE Conversations in Equity Blog! We hope you find this blog a useful way to share and exchange perspectives and progress in the science and practice of health equity.

Readers are invited to share success stories of health equity strategies making a difference in their state, community, or other setting (e.g., worksites, faith-based institutions, universities, schools).

Health Equity

We hope you find this blog a useful way to discuss topics related to common challenges, lessons learned and best practices related to Health Equity. Through the use of this blog we hope to allow you to participate in discussion through comments. Using this Blog, OMHHE will have the means to discuss activities, challenges, and accomplishments.

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