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A Year in Review: 2014

Arizona, BPA, arsenic, Haiti, American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes, mercury, foodborne illness, Palau, epidemiology, contaminated water. What do these seemingly random items have in common? They all appeared in “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts about NCEH/ATSDR staff in 2014. Our “Meet the Scientist” and “Voices from the Field” series aim to put a face on Read More >

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Top 10 NCEH/ATSDR “Your Health, Your Environment” Blog Posts of 2014

As this year draws to a close, perhaps you’ve realized you didn’t get a chance to read all of the “Your Health, Your Environment” blog posts. To help get you into full catch-up mode, here are the ten most popular posts of 2014: Staggering Numbers: Do You Know the Disease? Are We Getting Enough Vitamins Read More >

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NCEH Designs Criteria for Obtaining Sustainable Community Status

In a perfect world, every community will be a utopia. Can you picture it? Imagine a place where residents have plenty of peace and quiet, educational offerings, arts and cultural centers, jobs in a robust economy, civil engagement and participation, recreational offerings, and plenty of green space. Residents will breathe fresh air, drink clean water, Read More >

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CDC and Planners Bring Healthy Design to Communities

Health professionals and community planners know that health starts where you live, learn, work, and play. They support the design and development of communities that encourage healthy behaviors, quality of life, and social connectedness. Learn how one planning firm is using National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) resources to ensure healthy community design. HKS, a Read More >

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Get the Lead Out: National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2014

Joseph and Gwen Porter are so excited. For several years they have been looking for an older home they can afford. They’ve found a charming 1930s bungalow in a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood with plenty of room for their three children. But when they read the seller’s disclosure required by law, they are surprised to learn Read More >

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Voices from the Field Featuring Brian Hubbard

My name is Brian Hubbard, and I am a health scientist in CDC’s Environmental Health Services Branch. Read on to learn how I worked directly with the Haitian government to improve water sanitation efforts. Global access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene education can reduce illness and death from disease, leading to improved Read More >

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Investigating the Cause of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak

It’s a scene that routinely plays out in the restaurant industry: restaurant manager meets health inspector; health inspector examines the restaurant’s conditions and food-handling practices; health inspector gives restaurant manager’s facility a passing or failing grade and if the restaurant fails the inspection, then the inspector provides instructions and information on improvements. The outcome of Read More >

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You’re as Young as You Feel

Do you remember your first black and white television? Did you ever wonder how crawling under your desk could protect you from an atomic bomb? Did you watch the Beatles when they made their first American appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are very likely a Read More >

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The Multi-Shaped, Multi-Length, Multi-Characteristic Kitchen Invader

They’re smelly, disease-carrying nuisances that can ruin structures and get into your food. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the varieties that are around one-eighth of an inch to those that can grow to about 18 inches. They crawl, fly, jump, leap, or slither around to find what they need to survive. Some Read More >

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Swimming This Summer? Use Pool Chemicals with Care

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for fun outdoor activities like swimming in your backyard or neighborhood pool. Or you may have the chance to enjoy a big, luxurious pool or an exciting waterpark while on vacation. If you own a pool, you know all too well how much work goes into keeping Read More >

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