Twenty Years of the Laboratory Response Network

Jonas Perez, chemist, Division of Laboratory Sciences

  What do chemical spills, the opioid epidemic, Zika, and potential safety threats at the Super Bowl have in common? They are examples of public health emergencies that CDC and local and state laboratory partners prepared for and responded to during the last 20 years. Read More >

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Reducing Risk from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires are increasing in size and frequency and are making headlines. Wildfires can start suddenly and spread rapidly. If you are not in immediate danger from the fire itself, you may still be in harm’s way because these fires create huge plumes of smoke, which can travel in unpredictable directions and distances. If that smoke Read More >

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To Stop and Prevent Food Outbreaks with Environmental Assessments

Businesspeople Working On Laptop In Boardroom

Jackie Jones*, a recent university graduate who majored in environmental health, just started a job as the new food safety specialist at Hillside County Health Department. Rick, her manager, seemed happy she was there. “We had a new policy come down from the state that said we had to conduct environmental assessments on all reported Read More >

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