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A Patient Speaks from the Heart

Guest Author: Karen Morrow Like any other tragedy, the first thing to enter a person’s mind is, “This can’t be happening to me.”  It’s exactly what I thought.  I absolutely knew that I was OK…until I read the test results.  I still go back and read them now and can’t believe they are mine.  Writing Read More >

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Overcoming Education Gaps and Denial: CDC and SIPC Release New Tools to Help Clinicians Ensure Every Injection is Safe

Author: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Injection safety is part of the minimum expectation for safe care anywhere healthcare is delivered; yet, CDC has had to investigate outbreak after outbreak of life-threatening infections caused by injection errors.  How can this completely preventable problem continue to go unchecked?  Lack of initial and continued infection control Read More >

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One and Done: Single-Dose/Single-Use Vials Are Meant for One Patient

Author: Michael Bell, MD, Associate Director for Infection Control at CDC′s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion. CDC released a report today detailing two outbreaks that occurred when healthcare providers failed to follow basic injection safety elements of Standard Precautions.  These breaches resulted in life-threatening – yet completely preventable – infections in a number of patients Read More >

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“You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop.” Kent Hospital Renews Vigilance on Injection Safety Rules

Guest Author – Peter Graves, MD Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine Academic Faculty, Kent Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program Kent Hospital Warwick, RI One of the great “truisms” of Life is that we often don’t know—what we don’t know. In other words, we can’t imagine the scope of a problem if we are under the Read More >

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New, Simple Tools Help Busy Clinicians Double Check Injection Safety Knowledge, Practices

Author – Joseph Perz, DrPH, MA Prevention Team Leader for the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention You might be thinking, “Is a knowledge refresher on injection safety really needed?  Providers all know how to give safe injections!”  Sadly, this is not the case.  We at CDC have seen outbreak Read More >

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