Public Health Matters Signs Off

The words "thank you" spelled out in typesetting blocks.

CDC is ending the Public Health Matters blog. The agency will not publish new content to the blog after this post. We will continue to publish translations of existing posts and provide an archive of past content. The Public Health Matters blog started in May 2008. The first entry, “New Brain Disease is Blowing Minds,” Read More >

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Emergency Preparedness: Batteries Not Included

Stack of alkaline batteries size AAA with selective focus.

Batteries power many of the things we use and rely on every day. They might also be the only available power source in an emergency. Being prepared to power your personal need devices—things like cellphones, medical devices, and assistive technologies—during a power outage is a step toward individual resilience. Planning for power outages can include Read More >

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10 Practical Skills to Learn Before an Emergency

A close-up of hands performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a person lying on the ground.

Personal health preparedness isn’t only about collecting supplies. Level up your emergency preparedness. Learn practical skills you can use to help yourself and others. Here are 10 skills you can learn to prepare for an emergency, in no particular order. How to wash your hands the right way. Washing your hands is one of the Read More >

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