When We All Work Together, We’re Stronger Than Ever

Posted on by Ethan M. Riley
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Atop the bloom of a clover, on the same speck of dust.

Lies a second small town; it exists without fuss.

Those who live in this place are prepped to the nines.

With emergency plans and kits of all kinds.


Take a look, for example, at their fight against flu.

They cover their coughs and every ah … ah … achoo!

The power of preparedness is strong with this lot.

Just look at the line for an annual flu shot.


Or imagine floodwaters sweep through downtown.

Homes are destroyed, possessions are drowned.

And just as survivors feel lonesome and stuck.

Neighbors show up to help throw out the muck.


From outbreaks and mold to extreme heat and cold.

Whole Community extends beyond the household.

There’s no “I” in TEAM for those who live there.

The work of preparedness is something they share.

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