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Polio Eradication, Microplanning and GIS

A Bugagi child travels by camel near Lake Chad in Borno State, Nigeria. Photo courtesy of Thomas Moran/WHO.

Geospatial data have been used in public health since John Snow mapped cholera cases around the Broad Street water pump during the London cholera epidemic of 1854.  And, while global positioning system technologies (GPS) are so ubiquitous in the United States that virtually all new smartphones, tablets and cars have this technology embedded, in many Read More >

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How Nigeria Is Helping Stop Polio for Good

  This blog was originally posted in the Huffington Post on January 2, 2014.   There are three places in the world where wild poliovirus has never stopped killing and disabling children: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. As with other health threats, polio doesn’t stay neatly within a country’s borders. In the case of Nigeria, polio Read More >

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Every Last Child: Reflections on World Polio Day in Nigeria

October 24th is World Polio Day, a global health observance for the global polio eradication community to renew its promise of a polio-free world to future generations. World Polio Day is held on the birthday of Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who led the first team to develop a vaccine against polio. The development of Read More >

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CDC and Rotarians Celebrate Partnership and the Promise of Polio Eradication

As part of World Immunization Week activities, April 20 – 26 2013, more than 75 members of Rotary International from Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina visited CDC’s Roybal Campus on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 to celebrate Polio Day. I had the privilege of accompanying a group of Rotarians as they toured the CDC Museum, polio Read More >

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Protect Your World – Get Vaccinated: World Immunization Week 2013

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a disease that could be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine. Millions more children survive but are left severely disabled. Vaccines have the power not only to save but also transform lives by protecting against disease—giving children a chance to grow up healthy, go to school, and Read More >

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China – Ten Years of Public Health Accomplishments – What a World of Difference a Decade Makes

For more than 30 years, the US CDC has worked with China on public health issues that have benefited people of all nations. Together our nations proved the benefits of folic acid which saved children around the world from birth defects. We are exploring novel approaches to HIV prevention, testing and treatment. We are researching risk factors Read More >

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Putting Nomadic Pastoralists on the Map

  The CDC “Nomads Project” was piloted in northern Nigeria in 2011 and brought to scale in 2012 through funding from USAID. The concept is now being piloted by CDC-Kenya in collaboration with CDC’s Global Immunization Division. In addition to bilateral government and NGO partners in Kenya and Nigeria, CDC collaborates with colleagues from WHO, Read More >

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Our New Blog Kicks Off for World Immunization Week 2012!

Dr. Kevin De Cock is Director of the CDC Center for Global Health (CGH). Many voices join in the inspirational stories of global health. Today we begin sharing these stories through a new blog we call “Our Global Voices.” Check in often to hear and share in global health stories  from around the world. We Read More >

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