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Breast Cancer Survivorship: Pam’s Story

Photo of Pam Bryant

“You can’t tell them not to be upset or afraid, because it is a scary diagnosis. You’re going to have your highs and your lows; some days you’re going to feel well and some days you won’t. Take it one day at a time.” Read More >

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I Have Liver Cancer, But You Don’t Have To

An illness caught Gary, 61, off guard in 2013. When doctors suggested he go for more tests, he knew his condition was more severe than he first guessed. But the test results found something he never expected: liver cancer. Read More >

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My Personal Prescription for Surviving Cancer

Photo of George Hilliard

“I began my journey back to health by relying on my support network and positive attitude. I also work at keeping a confident outlook on life by participating in cancer discussion groups with other survivors. Their stories encourage me.” Read More >

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Being a Cancer Survivor Reminds Me Life Is Precious

Photo of Traci Ramirez

“It hasn’t been easy. I’ve gone through bouts of fear, anxiety, and disappointment on my way back to wellness. On the other hand, I have been able to regain my happy life. My diagnosis has given me a greater appreciation for life.” Read More >

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A Tan Is Not a Sign of Health: Sharon McKenna, Melanoma Survivor, Shares Her Story

A photo of Sharon McKenna enjoying a sunny day

“Knowledge is power, and I want to equip children with tools to protect them against sun damage. I also want to help them form habits that will last a lifetime. Simply keep your skin the color it came in, and you, too, can make a world of difference.” Read More >

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