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This Blog May Inspire You but Motivation Is Another Story

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"While I can educate my friends and family about the harms of smoking and the benefits of cessation and inspire them to quit smoking, I know they will each find their own reason to quit smoking. Maybe they want to spend their money on something besides cigarettes. Maybe they do not want to smell like smoke anymore. Maybe they want to be healthy enough to play with their grandchildren and be around to see them grow up. Mike was my reason. What’s yours?" Read More >

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There Is Hope for a Future with Less Lung Cancer

“This November, as we raise awareness about lung cancer, we also proclaim the progress that has been made that gives us hope for the future.” Read More >

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Tribal Policies Help Set Smoke-Free Standard

Reducing exposure to tobacco saves human suffering and economic hardship, since it is especially dangerous to children, elders, and diabetics. In addition, smoke-free spaces help people quit abusing tobacco—a particularly important outcome in Fond du Lac, where more than half of tribal members smoke cigarettes. This project helped create a community norm that celebrates healthy environments. Read More >

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Lung Cancer—Why the Numbers Are Personal

“Many people have worked very hard to tell the story of the dangers of smoking. My mother was 67 years old when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She started smoking cigarettes when she was 15 years old, and tried to quit almost every day of her life. After her diagnosis, she did succeed and stayed smoke-free until her last breath, 14 months later.” Read More >

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