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Mammo Bus Brings Breast Cancer Screening to American Indian Women

Photo of the mobile mammobus

A group of partners in and around the Fond du Lac reservation in Minnesota is bringing no-cost mammograms to American Indian women with the Mobile Mammo Bus. More than 650 women have been screened for breast cancer over the nine years that the program has been in place. “The mobile unit resonates throughout the community here,” says a cancer outreach worker on the reservation. Read More >

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Breast Cancer Survivorship: Pam’s Story

Photo of Pam Bryant

“You can’t tell them not to be upset or afraid, because it is a scary diagnosis. You’re going to have your highs and your lows; some days you’re going to feel well and some days you won’t. Take it one day at a time.” Read More >

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Being a Cancer Survivor Reminds Me Life Is Precious

Photo of Traci Ramirez

“It hasn’t been easy. I’ve gone through bouts of fear, anxiety, and disappointment on my way back to wellness. On the other hand, I have been able to regain my happy life. My diagnosis has given me a greater appreciation for life.” Read More >

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Family Trees and Family Ties: Can Family Communication Increase Breast Cancer Screening?

“This story shows key issues about the role of family ties in breast cancer monitoring and risk assessment. Do family members share important health information with each other? Do family members encourage each other to be screened for breast cancer as recommended?” Read More >

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Knowing BRCA Changed My Life

“Despite the perception that breast cancer is only something older women need to worry about, young women can and do get breast cancer. I myself was a young woman at high risk, but didn’t know it. Just months after a clean mammogram, in late 2007, I heard those terrible words, ‘You have breast cancer.’” Read More >

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